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Commercial Cleaning

95% of employees will tell you they feel more productive in a cleaning working environment and tend to produce a higher quality of work.

Our professionally trained technicians can do everything from basic dusting and vacuuming to heavy-duty industrial cleaning of carpets and much more. We can even offer just disinfectant services.


Commercial office buildings can range in size from a small tech startup's office to a thirty-floor complex of a big corporation. We service them all. Every surface gets dirty when there is constant foot traffic. Do you know that a keyboard harbors approximately 16 million microbes? Often, even the most obvious areas go unnoticed.

We at Spur Capital Cleaning Solutions ensure that touch points are a focused area of our services. Some of our key areas to clean include doorknobs, water fountains, handrails, microwaves, and even shared phones. These areas are prone to harboring and displaying vast quantities of harmful bacteria. 

Let us work with you to ensure you provide a clean environment not only for your employees but for your clients as well. 





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